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Nature and Nurture

I adhere fairly strongly to attachment parenting or natural parenting or gentle parenting principles, particularly where they overlap. I’ve benefited so much from the community of natural parents (the term I’ll use most often) in some respects but sometimes feel very isolated because when the topic turns to vaccination, medical care, or really anything scientific, all interest in evidence goes out the window.

Suddenly the same people who enthusiastically present the WHO Baby Friendly Initiative page with evidence about why you must with no exceptions breastfeed claim some sort of personal knowledge greater than that very same WHO and peer-reviewed research.

I realised that there are plenty of us left floating and not sure where we fit in – we may practice babywearing, baby led weaning, breastfeeding, cloth nappies/diapers, co-sleeping, gentle parenting, and others, but we also take an informed, evidence-based approach where relevant. The two are very compatible.

People often wonder if nature or nurture is the stronger force in determining who we are and what we do. In reality, most of what we do is a combination and there’s no reason to rule out one or the other. Similarly, in parenting we can be both natural parents and go by instincts, andĀ science-minded parentsĀ and keep evidence in mind.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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